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   * [[snipets:​solaris:​net-etherstub|Etherstubs / Virtual Switches]]   * [[snipets:​solaris:​net-etherstub|Etherstubs / Virtual Switches]]
   * [[snipets:​solaris:​show-mac|Lookup MAC for Interfaces]]   * [[snipets:​solaris:​show-mac|Lookup MAC for Interfaces]]
 +  * [[snipets:​solaris:​optic-info|Lookup SFP/SFP+ optic information (SmartOS Only)]]
   * SmartOS on OVH   * SmartOS on OVH
     * [[snipets:​solaris:​smartos-nat|SmartOS single IP with NAT]] (Kimsufi)     * [[snipets:​solaris:​smartos-nat|SmartOS single IP with NAT]] (Kimsufi)
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