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Lookup SFP/SFP+ optic information


Simple run the following to find the information. (This is only available on SmartOS)

[root@carbon ~]# /usr/lib/dl/dltraninfo  -v
ixgbe0: discovered 1 transceiver
        transceiver 0 present: yes
        transceiver 0 usable: yes
        Identifier: 'SFP/SFP+/SFP28'
        Extended Identifier: 4
        Connector: 'LC (Lucent Connector)'
        10G+ Ethernet Compliance Codes[0]: '10G Base-SR'
        Fibre Channel Link Lengths[0]: 'short distance (S)'
        Fibre Channel Transmission Media[0]: 'Multimode, 50um (M5, M5E)'
        Fibre Channel Transmission Media[1]: 'Multimode, 62.5um (M6)'
        Encoding: '64B/66B'
        BR, nominal: '10300 MBd'
        Length 50um OM2: '300 m'
        Length 62.5um OM1: '150 m'
        Vendor: 'FiberStore'
        OUI[0]: 0
        OUI[1]: 27
        OUI[2]: 33
        Part Number: 'SFP-10GSR-85'
        Revision: 'A'
        Laser Wavelength: '850 nm'
        Options[0]: 'Rx_LOS implemented'
        Options[1]: 'TX_FAULT implemented'
        Options[2]: 'TX_DISABLE implemented'
        Serial Number: 'TXXXXXXXXXX'
        Date Code: '180125'
        Extended Options[0]: 'Soft RX_LOS implemented'
        Extended Options[1]: 'Alarm/Warning flags implemented'
        8472 Compliance: 'Rev 9.3'
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