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 **Removing a vnic:** **Removing a vnic:**
 <​code>​dladm delete-vnic vm0</​code>​ <​code>​dladm delete-vnic vm0</​code>​
 +**Configure additional MACs:**\\
 +:!: you need to add all macs of zones if you are running smartos in qemu for example
 +<​code>​dladm set-linkprop -p secondary-macs=42:​8e:​a5:​23:​0e:​5b vm0</​code>​
 ====== Link Protection ====== ====== Link Protection ======
 {{page>​snipets:​solaris:​net-vnic-protection#​quick_reference}} {{page>​snipets:​solaris:​net-vnic-protection#​quick_reference}}
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