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 ===== Creating a vnic ===== ===== Creating a vnic =====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +dladm create-vnic -l aggr0 host0
 +ipadm create-if host0
 +The above example will create a vnic named //host0// on a link aggregation called //aggr0//, ofcourse you can create vnics on normal interfaces or even on etherstubs.
 +**You can drop the ipadm command if you are planning on using the vnic in a zone or for kvm.**
 +===== Creating a vnic with a vlan tag =====
 +dladm create-vnic -l trunk0 -v 300 vm0
 +ipadm create-if vm0
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Same as above but this time we are using a //trunk0// in my case this is an aggr that contains tagged traffic for VLAN 100,200 and 300. By adding the ''​-v''​ option followed by the vlan-tag all the traffic will be tagged before it is send along to the trunk.
 +===== Managing a vnic =====
 +Some quick references to show all vnics and how to remove them.
 +**Showing the configure vnics:**
 +<​code>​dladm show-vnic</​code>​
 +**Removing a vnic:**
 +<​code>​dladm delete-vnic vm0</​code>​
 +**Configure additional MACs:**\\
 +:!: you need to add all macs of zones if you are running smartos in qemu for example
 +<​code>​dladm set-linkprop -p secondary-macs=42:​8e:​a5:​23:​0e:​5b vm0</​code>​
 +====== Link Protection ======
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