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Link Aggregation

Link aggregation is pretty easy to configure on solaris. Bellow is a quick example that puts 2 interfaces into a LAGG and balances based on IP.

It also shows how you change the MTU correctly, it will propegate to the underlying interfaces.

root@gravity:~# dladm create-aggr -l active -P L4 -d e1000g0 -d e1000g1 host0
root@gravity:~# dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 host0

The -l flag sets the LACP-policy this can be either active, passive or off. If you switch is set to passive, make sure to set it to active on your server!

Removing a member:

root@gravity:~# dladm remove-aggr -d e1000g1 host0

Adding a member:

root@gravity:~# dladm add-aggr -d e1000g2 host0

Well that gives you a general idea, for different policies and modes, you can use man dladm.

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