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List of drives that need use Advance Format (4k) but are not detected properly.

Add the following to ''/kernel/drv/sd.conf'' and reboot.

## correct 4k native sectors
# http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/ZFS+and+Advanced+Format+disks
# drives:
# - Intel SSDSA2CW08
# - Intel SSDSC2CT12
# - Intel SSDSC2BW12
# - SanDisk SDSSDHP0
# - Corsair Force LS
# - WD30EFRX-68E (WD RED 3TB)
# - WD10EARS-00M (WD GREEN 1.6TB)
# - QEMU Virtual Harddisk
sd-config-list =
        "ATA     INTEL SSDSA2CW08", "physical-block-size:8192",
        "ATA     INTEL SSDSC2CT12", "physical-block-size:8192",
        "ATA     INTEL SSDSC2BW12", "physical-block-size:8192",
        "ATA   	 Corsair Force LS", "physical-block-size:8192",
        "ATA     SanDisk SDSSDHP0", "physical-block-size:8192",
        "ATA     WDC WD30EFRX-68E", "physical-block-size:4096",
        "ATA     WDC WD10EARS-00M", "physical-block-size:4096,power-condition:false",
        "ATA     ST2000DL003 9VT1", "physical-block-size:4096",
        "ATA     QEMU HARDDISK   ", "physical-block-size:4096,power-condition:false";
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