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Distribution Comparison

I'm currently using OpenIndiana but I am on the lookout for a possible repalcement, I like OpenIndiana but it's good to keep your mind open for other things. I've switched Linux distributions countless times so Solaris will be no different.

The opinions about these expressed here are my personal opinions! If you don't like em, send constructive criticism, else go to /dev/null!


Y yes
N no
#/10 score out of 10, where 1 is bad and 10 is good


name usage active pkg mgnt pkg selection KVM Zones installer documentation
OpenIndiana servers and desktops 6/101) IPS 5/102) Y3) IPKG,s10 8/10 7/104)
I'm currently using this on my server, updates are slowish but there is activty so thats good. KVM is broken though and I can't fix it :s
SmartOS hypervisor 10/105) pkgsrc 9/106) Y IPKG,KVM 10/10 8/107)
Briefly played with this, does not fit my usage pattern but would love to play with this some more!
OmniOS servers 8/108) IPS 7/10 Y
DilOS servers TODO
NexentaStor storage TODO
Updated every few months, website not update frequently so you have to look on the mirrors for the iso's.
OK for servers, poor for desktops.
As of 151a5 still horribly broken.
Most Solaris 10 stuff applies, wiki has limited documentation.
Roughtly every 2 weeks
Wiki has all the essentials you'll need.
More or less monthly.
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