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Build Zone for illumos-omnios

Here are some quick and dirty notes to setup a build zone for illumos-omnios and illumos-gate. At the time of writing I was workin on OmniOS r151012.

:!: You will need to tweak some things along the way.


zonecfg -z leonov
# past zonecfg below
dladm create-vnic -l trunk0 -v 300 zleonov0
zfs create -o quota=80G core/vms/zones/leonov ; chmod 0700 /vms/zones/leonov ; zoneadm -z leonov install

I put some cpu capping in place, feel free to leave this out. If you do decide to use this make sure to install service/resource-cap! 12000 = 12 cores, 1000 = 1 core.

pkg install service/resource-cap
svcadm enable svc:/system/rcap:default
create -b
set zonepath=/vms/zones/leonov
set brand=ipkg
set autoboot=false
set limitpriv=default
set ip-type=exclusive
add net
set physical=zleonov0
add rctl
set name=zone.cpu-cap
add value (priv=privileged,limit=1200,action=deny)

Now configure the zone's network and create a user account.


Pull in all the required packages (thanks danmcd)

pkg install -v --no-backup-be archiver/gnu-tar developer/astdev  developer/build/autoconf  developer/build/automake developer/build/onbld developer/gcc44 developer/gcc44/libgmp-gcc44 developer/gcc44/libmpc-gcc44 developer/gcc44/libmpfr-gcc44 developer/gnu-binutils developer/lexer/flex developer/library/lint developer/macro/cpp developer/object-file developer/parser/bison developer/sunstudio12.1 developer/versioning/git developer/versioning/mercurial library/nspr/header-nspr library/perl-5/xml-parser library/python-2/lxml-26 omniti/developer/versioning/subversion omniti/library/apr omniti/library/apr-util omniti/library/uuid omniti/library/serf package/pkg/zones-proxy print/lp/print-client-commands runtime/perl-64 service/network/smtp/sendmail system/header system/install system/library/boot-management system/library/dbus system/library/install system/library/math/header-math system/library/mozilla-nss/header-nss

Add a symlink for SUNWspro

ln -sf /opt/sunstudio12.1 /opt/SUNWspro
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