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sjorge use non default repo name... else pkg.depotd breaks.
snipets:solaris:build-zone [2014/10/09 22:02] (current)
Line 304: Line 304:
 ## rpool ## rpool
 BuildRpool c1t0d0 BuildRpool c1t0d0
-SetHostname ​nightly-testing+SetHostname ​omnios-nightly
 SetTimezone Europe/​Brussels SetTimezone Europe/​Brussels
 RootPW '​$5$o.b1VKc/​$GgHl.du5uL6CYm6pRqRR7Lifj92CcBq.qDEAKUXZL21'​ RootPW '​$5$o.b1VKc/​$GgHl.du5uL6CYm6pRqRR7Lifj92CcBq.qDEAKUXZL21'​
Line 313: Line 313:
 Postboot '/​sbin/​ipadm create-addr -T dhcp e1000g0/​v4'​ Postboot '/​sbin/​ipadm create-addr -T dhcp e1000g0/​v4'​
 # dns # dns
-EnableDNS example.com+EnableDNS example.org
 ## add publishers ## add publishers
 +## onu testing automation
 Postboot '/​usr/​gnu/​bin/​sed -i "​s/​PermitRootLogin no/​PermitRootLogin yes/g" /​etc/​ssh/​sshd_config'​ Postboot '/​usr/​gnu/​bin/​sed -i "​s/​PermitRootLogin no/​PermitRootLogin yes/g" /​etc/​ssh/​sshd_config'​
-Postboot '/​usr/​bin/​pkg ​set-publisher ​-p http://pkg.omniti.com/​omniti-ms/' +Postboot '/​usr/​bin/​pkg ​install ​--no-backup-be pkg:/developer/build/onbld
-Postboot '/​usr/​bin/​pkg set-publisher ​-http://pkg.omniti.com/omniti-perl/+Postboot '/usr/​sbin/​svcadm disable svc:/​network/​sendmail-client:​default'​ 
-Postboot '/usr/bin/pkg set-publisher -p http://omnios.blackdot.be/' +Postboot '/​opt/​onbld/bin/onu --http://leonov.example.org:​9001 ​-U testing -t omnios-testing
-Postboot '/​usr/​bin/​pkg set-publisher -p http://leonov.example.com:​9001/'+Postboot '/usr/sbin/beadm unmount omnios-testing'​ 
 +Postboot '/usr/sbin/beadm mount omnios-testing ​/a
 +Postboot '/usr/gnu/bin/rm /a/.initialboot'​ 
 +Postboot '/usr/​sbin/​shutdown -i6 -g0 -y'
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Then running ''​pkg update -v' to install ​the new packages.+On the initial boot it will install onu and create a new BE populated with the updated ​packages ​and rebootIt will then drop you in the new system running a freshly build gate :)
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