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Build Zone for illumos-omnios

Here are some quick and dirty notes to setup a build zone for illumos-omnios and illumos-gate. At the time of writing I was workin on OmniOS r151012.

:!: You will need to tweak some things along the way.


zonecfg -z leonov
# past zonecfg below
dladm create-vnic -l trunk0 -v 300 zleonov0
zfs create -o quota=80G core/vms/zones/leonov ; chmod 0700 /vms/zones/leonov ; zoneadm -z leonov install

I put some cpu capping in place, feel free to leave this out. If you do decide to use this make sure to install service/resource-cap! 12000 = 12 cores, 1000 = 1 core.

pkg install service/resource-cap
svcadm enable svc:/system/rcap:default
create -b
set zonepath=/vms/zones/leonov
set brand=ipkg
set autoboot=false
set limitpriv=default
set ip-type=exclusive
add net
set physical=zleonov0
add rctl
set name=zone.cpu-cap
add value (priv=privileged,limit=1200,action=deny)

Now configure the zone's network and create a user account.


Pull in all the required packages (thanks danmcd)

pkg install -v --no-backup-be archiver/gnu-tar developer/astdev  developer/build/autoconf  developer/build/automake developer/build/onbld developer/gcc44 developer/gcc44/libgmp-gcc44 developer/gcc44/libmpc-gcc44 developer/gcc44/libmpfr-gcc44 developer/gnu-binutils developer/lexer/flex developer/library/lint developer/macro/cpp developer/object-file developer/parser/bison developer/sunstudio12.1 developer/versioning/git developer/versioning/mercurial library/nspr/header-nspr library/perl-5/xml-parser library/python-2/lxml-26 omniti/developer/versioning/subversion omniti/library/apr omniti/library/apr-util omniti/library/uuid omniti/library/serf package/pkg/zones-proxy print/lp/print-client-commands runtime/perl-64 service/network/smtp/sendmail system/header system/install system/library/boot-management system/library/dbus system/library/install system/library/math/header-math system/library/mozilla-nss/header-nss

Add a symlink for SUNWspro

ln -sf /opt/sunstudio12.1 /opt/SUNWspro

Enable sendmail so you get local maildrop

svcadm enable svc:/network/smtp:sendmail

illumos-omnios environment

:!: don't forget to set the correct the USER in the paths!

#       Configuration variables for the runtime environment of the nightly
# build script and other tools for construction and packaging of releases.
# This script is sourced by 'nightly' and 'bldenv' to set up the environment
# for the build. This example is suitable for building a gate,
# which will contain the resulting packages and archives (builds of the gate
# are done in children and then the resulting archives, packages, and proto
# area are put into the parent for everyone to use). It is based off
# the onnv release. It sets NIGHTLY_OPTIONS to make nightly do:
#       DEBUG and non-DEBUG builds (-D)
#       runs 'make check' (-C)
#       runs lint in usr/src (-l plus the LINTDIRS variable)
#       sends mail on completion (-m and the MAILTO variable)
#       Does NOT bringover (-n)
#       creates packages for PIT/RE (-p)
#       checks for changes in ELF runpaths (-r)
#       checks for changes in unreferenced files (-f)
NIGHTLY_OPTIONS="-DClmnprf";            export NIGHTLY_OPTIONS
# This is a variable for the rest of the script - GATE doesn't matter to
# nightly itself
GATE=illumos-omnios;                            export GATE
# CODEMGR_WS - where is your workspace at (or what should nightly name it)
# there is only one definition here, which assumes all the gate build machines
# (sparc and x86) are set up the same. But remember, this is a script, so
# you _could_ look at $MACH or `uname -n` and set these variables differently.
CODEMGR_WS="/export/home/USER/build/$GATE";   export CODEMGR_WS
# PARENT_WS is used to determine the parent of this workspace. This is
# for the options that deal with the parent workspace (such as where the
# proto area will go).
# If you use this, it must be local (or nfs): nightly cannot copy
# over ssh or http.
PARENT_WS="/export/home/USER/build/$GATE";            export PARENT_WS
# CLONE_WS is the workspace nightly should do a bringover from.
#CLONE_WS="ssh://anonhg@onnv.sfbay.sun.com//export/onnv-clone"; export CLONE_WS
# CLOSED_CLONE_WS is the workspace from which nightly will acquire the
# usr/closed tree.
# CLOSED_CLONE_WS="${CLONE_WS}/usr/closed"
# ON_CLOSED_BINS -> location of closed binaries.
ON_CLOSED_BINS="/export/home/USER/ws/closed";    export ON_CLOSED_BINS
# The bringover, if any, is done as STAFFER.
# Set STAFFER to your own login as gatekeeper or integration engineer.
# The point is to use group "staff" and avoid referencing the parent
# workspace as root.
# Some scripts optionally send mail messages to MAILTO.
STAFFER=USER;                         export STAFFER
MAILTO=$STAFFER;                        export MAILTO
# The project (see project(4)) under which to run this build.  If not
# specified, the build is simply run in a new task in the current project.
BUILD_PROJECT=;                         export BUILD_PROJECT
# You should not need to change the next four lines
LOCKNAME="`basename $CODEMGR_WS`_nightly.lock"; export LOCKNAME
ATLOG="$CODEMGR_WS/log";                        export ATLOG
LOGFILE="$ATLOG/nightly.log";                   export LOGFILE
MACH=`uname -p`;                                export MACH
# When the -A flag is specified, and ELF_DATA_BASELINE_DIR is defined,
# the ELF interface description file resulting from the build is compared
# to that from the specified directory. This ensures that our object
# versioning evolves in a backward compatible manner.
# You should not need to change this unless you wish to use locally cached
# baseline files. If you use this, it must be local (or nfs): nightly cannot
# copy over ssh or http.
#ELF_DATA_BASELINE_DIR="/ws/onnv-gate/usr/src/ELF-data-baseline.$MACH"; export ELF_DATA_BASELINE_DIR
# This is usually just needed if the closed tree is missing, or when
# building a project gate with the -O (cap oh) flag.
# REF_PROTO_LIST - for comparing the list of stuff in your proto area
# with. Generally this should be left alone, since you want to see differences
# between todays build and yesterdays.
REF_PROTO_LIST=$PARENT_WS/usr/src/proto_list_${MACH}; export REF_PROTO_LIST
#       build environment variables, including version info for mcs, motd,
# motd, uname and boot messages. Mostly you shouldn't change this except
# when the release slips (nah) or when starting a new release.
ROOT="$CODEMGR_WS/proto/root_${MACH}";  export ROOT
SRC="$CODEMGR_WS/usr/src";              export SRC
VERSION="$GATE";                        export VERSION
# the RELEASE and RELEASE_DATE variables are set in Makefile.master;
# there might be special reasons to override them here, but that
# should not be the case in general
# RELEASE="5.10.1";                     export RELEASE
# RELEASE_DATE="October 2007";          export RELEASE_DATE
# proto area in parent for optionally depositing a copy of headers and
# libraries corresponding to the protolibs target
PARENT_TOOLS_ROOT=$PARENT_WS/usr/src/tools/proto/root_$MACH-nd; export PARENT_TOOLS_ROOT
# Package creation variables.  You probably shouldn't change these,
# either.
# PKGARCHIVE determines where repositories will be created.
# PKGPUBLISHER* control the publisher settings for those repositories.
PKGARCHIVE="${PARENT_WS}/packages/${MACH}/nightly";     export PKGARCHIVE
PKGPUBLISHER_REDIST="testing";                     export PKGPUBLISHER_REDIST
# PKGPUBLISHER_NONREDIST="on-extra";                    export PKGPUBLISHER_NONREDIST
# we want make to do as much as it can, just in case there's more than
# one problem. This is especially important with the gate, since multiple
# unrelated broken things can be integrated.
# Magic variable to prevent the devpro compilers/teamware from sending
# mail back to devpro on every use.
# Build tools - don't set these unless you know what you're doing.  These
# variables allows you to get the compilers and onbld files locally or
# through cachefs.  Set BUILD_TOOLS to pull everything from one location.
# Alternately, you can set ONBLD_TOOLS to where you keep the contents of
# SUNWonbld and SPRO_ROOT to where you keep the compilers.
BUILD_TOOLS=/opt;                               export BUILD_TOOLS
ONBLD_TOOLS=/opt/onbld;                 export ONBLD_TOOLS
SPRO_ROOT=/opt/SUNWspro;                        export SPRO_ROOT
# These two are OmniOS-specific tweaks.
GCC_ROOT=/opt/gcc-4.4.4/;           export GCC_ROOT
# GCC-only, REQUIRED for OmniOS.
__GNUC="";           export __GNUC
ONLY_LINT_DEFS=-I${SPRO_ROOT}/sunstudio12.1/prod/include/lint; export ONLY_LINT_DEFS
# SET ONNV_BUILDNUM to override the current "151012" of OmniOS.
export ONNV_BUILDNUM=151012
# This goes along with lint - it is a series of the form "A [y|n]" which
# means "go to directory A and run 'make lint'" Then mail me (y) the
# difference in the lint output. 'y' should only be used if the area you're
# linting is actually lint clean or you'll get lots of mail.
# You shouldn't need to change this though.
#LINTDIRS="$SRC y";     export LINTDIRS
# Reference to IA32 IHV workspace, proto area and packages
#IA32_IHV_WS=/ws/${GATE}-ihv;                           export IA32_IHV_WS
#IA32_IHV_ROOT=$IA32_IHV_WS/proto/root_i386;            export IA32_IHV_ROOT
#IA32_IHV_PKGS=$IA32_IHV_WS/packages/i386/nightly;      export IA32_IHV_PKGS
# Reference to binary-only IA32 IHV packages
# Set this flag to 'n' to disable the automatic validation of the dmake
# version in use.  The default is to check it.
# Set this flag to 'n' to disable the use of 'checkpaths'.  The default,
# if the 'N' option is not specified, is to run this test.
# Set this flag to 'y' to enable the use of elfsigncmp to validate the
# output of elfsign.  Doing so requires that 't' be set in NIGHTLY_OPTIONS.
# The default is to not verify them.
# BRINGOVER_FILES is the list of files nightly passes to bringover.
# If not set the default is "usr", but it can be used for bringing
# over deleted_files or other nifty directories.
#BRINGOVER_FILES="usr deleted_files"
# POST_NIGHTLY can be any command to be run at the end of nightly.  See
# nightly(1) for interactions between environment variables and this command.

user profile

You probably want to tweak your user profile for whatever shell you are using. I source ~/illumos-omnios.env inside my .zshrc, I also update my path with export PATH=$PATH:/opt/onbld/bin:~/.bin

extra helper scripts

pserv (thanks richlowe)

source ~/illumos-omnios.env
while getopts dp: opt; do
case $opt in
d) REPODIR=nightly;;
shift $(($OPTIND - 1))
WS=$(cd $1; pwd)
/usr/lib/pkg.depotd -d $PARENT_WS/packages/$(mach)/$REPODIR/repo.redist -p $PORT \
  --readonly --log-access=none

building using nightly

It takes about 2h for me so I run inside a tmux session.

# build the nightly and nightly-nd repositories (no output! but you should get an e-mail if you set STAFFER)
nightly illumos-omnios.env
# serv said repositories

testing the stuff

I use a vm that pxe boots with the following kayak config.

### configuration
## rpool
BuildRpool c1t0d0
SetHostname omnios-nightly
SetTimezone Europe/Brussels
RootPW '$5$o.b1VKc/$GgHl.du5uL6CYm6pRqRR7Lifj92CcBq.qDEAKUXZL21'
Postboot '/usr/sbin/bootadm set-menu timeout=5'
## network
# dynamic ip address
Postboot '/sbin/ipadm create-if e1000g0'
Postboot '/sbin/ipadm create-addr -T dhcp e1000g0/v4'
# dns
EnableDNS example.org
## add publishers
## onu testing automation
Postboot '/usr/gnu/bin/sed -i "s/PermitRootLogin no/PermitRootLogin yes/g" /etc/ssh/sshd_config'
Postboot '/usr/bin/pkg install --no-backup-be pkg:/developer/build/onbld'
Postboot '/usr/sbin/svcadm disable svc:/network/sendmail-client:default'
Postboot '/opt/onbld/bin/onu -v -u http://leonov.example.org:9001 -U testing -t omnios-testing'
Postboot '/usr/sbin/beadm unmount omnios-testing'
Postboot '/usr/sbin/beadm mount omnios-testing /a'
Postboot '/usr/gnu/bin/rm /a/.initialboot'
Postboot '/usr/sbin/shutdown -i6 -g0 -y'

On the initial boot it will install onu and create a new BE populated with the updated packages and reboot. It will then drop you in the new system running a freshly build gate :)

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