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OmniOS Repository

DEPRECATED see pkg.blackdot.be
Source remains available here:

Before I migrated to OmniOS I needed to get some package I was missing.

So I created this repository mostly for myself. But some packages may be useful to other so I'm publishing it.

Using the repository

Just click here. You should be able to view the catalog or search for packages. Or look at the source.

You can also create a bug if you have issues, a package requests,…

To enable the repository simply run the following commands:

# pfexec pkg set-publisher -g http://omnios.blackdot.be omnios.blackdot.be
# pfexec pkg refresh --full

All packages are installed in /opt/obd, excluding python libraries.
So add /opt/obd/bin and /obt/obd/sbin to your PATH variable. Also add /opt/obd/share/man to your MAN_PATH variable.

Package Specific Documentation


I've compiled httpd 2.4.x and some modules. They support both 32-bit and 64-bit mode, because of this they are not 100% standard.

For example mod_macro is compile statically to allow to provide a LoadModule macro to replace the LoadModule directive that is aware of which architecture it is running on. I also opted for to compile multiple MPM's and they can be selected using svcprops. Httpd is also linked against it's own openssl and zlib.


package description notes
obd/server/apache/base provides parent directory and apache privsep user. -
obd/server/apache/zlib latest version of zlib for use by httpd -
obd/server/apache/openssl latest version of openssl for use by mod_ssl -
obd/server/apache/apr - prefix/apache/shared/share/{ARCH}/build-1 is a non standart location but needed because of dual architecture support
obd/server/apache/apr-util - see apr notes
obd/server/apache/httpd - no dtrace support, prefix/apache/httpd/share/{ARCH}/build-1 is a non standart location but needed because of dual architecture support
obd/server/apache/httpd/mod_fcgid - comes with additional macro function
obd/server/apache/httpd/mod_wsgi - -
obd/server/apache/httpd/mod_authnz_external - you may be interested in http://code.google.com/p/pwauth/

MPMs: prefork, worker and event are supported. If you want to chage to something else than the default (event) you can do so via svcprops.

## lookup current mpm
# pfexec svcprop -p config/mpm svc:/network/http/httpd
## change the mpm
# pfexec svccfg -s svc:/network/http/httpd setprop config/mpm=worker

Optionally a comma seperated list can be set in config/define e.g. -DSSL,-DMYDEFINE.

As previously mentioned, the dual architecture makes it a bit more tricky. Loading a 32-bit module in a 64-bit server and visa versa is a ugly mess.
This is solved by provided a LoadModule macro that is to be used instead of LoadModule. Use LoadModule rewrite_module mod_rewrite.so Notice I do not provide a path, only the .so name.

httpd will load either conf/amd64/httpd.conf or conf/i386/httpd.conf depending if it is a 64-bit or 32-bit binary that got loaded via the ISAEXEC. This is essentially a bootstrap configuration that will define the LoadModule macro (mod_macro is compiled statically, so no need to load it) and then include everything in conf/httpd.conf.d/*.conf.

Please see conf/httpd.conf.d/README for more information about the httpd.conf.d directory.


This package comes without the apache module. A separate package contains the module: obd/server/apache/httpd/mod_php5.

You can enable php inside a virtual host by adding Use EnablePHP. This macro will use mod_fcgid when available but will fall back to mod_php5 if it is unavailable.

There are some dependancies on libraries from the ms.omniti.com repository. You must have this one active also.


In obd/server/dlmgr/* you will find some popular software like deluge, sabnzbd,… some packages have some quirks.
The ones that are not mentioned in this section can be installed and should work after a svcadm enable network/dlmgr/package

package service port quirks
obd/server/dlmgr/sabnzbd network/dlmgr/sabnzbd 8080 sometimes listens on only, use portforwarding to run the inital setup
obd/server/dlmgr/sickbeard network/dlmgr/sickbeard 8081 -
obd/server/dlmgr/couchpotato network/dlmgr/couchpotato 5050 service needs to be toggled once before first use (give it a 10 second wait between enable,disable,enable)
obd/server/dlmgr/headphones network/dlmgr/headphones 8181 -
obd/server/dlmgr/deluge network/dlmgr/deluged - do not enable full allocation, segfaults and no know fix.
network/dlmgr/deluge-web 8112 -
obd/server/dlmgr/webui network/dlmgr/webui 8999* needs to be setup by running dlmgr-webui-install once. (add –custom to change the port)


ZNC is designed to be run as the user using it, I did create a SMF service for it. To enable it simply run znc-service-install. Don't worry about the warning about root, after the install it will run as the user znc.


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Please see mDNS Announcer

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