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GoTo is a simple service (for Solaris) written in python using the bottle module.

It provides a simple redirection service. (Short) URI's are mapped to URL's. This allows for sharing and consolidating of a lot of internal tools and webapps in one place.

How it works

A zone or solaris host will run the GoTo Service (network/http/goto). It will then serv and index of all configured links from /etc/goto.map or it will serv a redirection page when visiting one of the links.

In this little section my zone has is called lynx.lab.acheron.be with an IP of
Typing http://lynx.lab.acheron.be/mail is still a bit long and so is http://lynx.lab/mail so I also configured a DNS cname for this host goto.

For some reason shorter names like go or g2 don't work well. Safari, Chrome and Firefox turn them into http://www.go.com/ or http://www.g2.com/.

Typing http://goto/mail will now redirectio to whatever was configure for the /mail, in my case http://mail.google.com/. You can omit the first bit and just type goto/mail.

Pretty simple isn't it. Ofcourse you can redirect anything to anything, you could even redirect goto/vnc-cepheus to vnc://cepheus, ofcource your browser/os would need to have a protocol handler configured for vnc.


# pfexec pkg set-publisher -g http://omnios.blackdot.be -g omnios.blackdot.be # pfexec pkg refresh –full

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