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Packages are no longer provided, source remains available here:

GoTo is a simple service (for Solaris) written in python using the bottle module.

It provides a simple redirection service. (Short) URI's are mapped to URL's. This allows for sharing and consolidating of a lot of internal tools and webapps in one place.

The idea came from tinyurl.com, but I did want some more meaning full URL's instead of gibberish.

How it works

A zone or solaris host will run the GoTo Service (network/http/goto). It will then serv an index of all configured links from /etc/goto.map or it will serv a redirection page when visiting one of the links.

In this little section my zone has is called lynx.lab.acheron.be with an IP of
Typing http://lynx.lab.acheron.be/mail is still a bit long and so is http://lynx.lab/mail so I also configured a DNS cname for this host goto.

For some reason shorter names like go or g2 don't work well. Safari, Chrome and Firefox turn them into http://www.go.com/ or http://www.g2.com/.

Typing http://goto/mail will now redirectio to whatever was configure for the /mail, in my case http://mail.google.com/. You can omit the first bit and just type goto/mail.

Pretty simple isn't it. Ofcourse you can redirect anything to anything, you could even redirect goto/vnc-cepheus to vnc://cepheus, ofcource your browser/os would need to have a protocol handler configured for vnc.


The installation is quite simple if you run OmniOS.

Simple add the omnios.blackdot.be repository and install the goto package.
You then edit goto.map and enable the service. Optionally create/edit goto.hostname wich will hold a alternative IP or IP:PORT to listen on. It defaults to

# pfexec pkg set-publisher -g http://omnios.blackdot.be -g omnios.blackdot.be # pfexec pkg refresh –full # pfexec pkg install obd/server/web/goto # pfexec vi /opt/obd/etc/goto.map # pfexec svcadm enable goto # pfexec svcs -x (to check for errors)

Currently there are no manual installation instructions, if there is interest in this I will write them up when I have more time. For any questions you can contact me through my website.

goto.map format

## goto.map
# format:
# uri: URL
/mail: https://mail.google.com/
/m: https://mail.google.com/
/g: https://www.google.com/ncr
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