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My .vimrc, nothing fancy really.

" update: curl -sk "https://docu.blackdot.be/_export/code/configuration/vim?codeblock=0" -o ~/.vimrc 
set nocompatible                   " Must come first because it changes other options.
syntax enable                      " Turn on syntax highlighting.
filetype plugin on                 " Turn on file type detection.
set showcmd                        " Display incomplete commands.
set showmode                       " Display the mode you're in.
set backspace=indent,eol,start     " Intuitive backspacing.
set hidden                         " Handle multiple buffers better.
set wildmenu                       " Enhanced command line completion.
set wildmode=list:longest          " Complete files like a shell.
set incsearch                      " Highlight matches as you type.
set hlsearch                       " Highlight matches.
set wrap                           " Turn on line wrapping.
set modeline                       " Allow per file config
set bg=dark                        " pastel colors
set clipboard^=unnamedplus,unnamed " use system clipboard
set expandtab                      " expand tabs to spaces
set shiftwidth=4                   " set index to 4 spaces
set softtabstop=4                  " tab inserts 4 spaces
set autoindent                     " auto indent
set paste                          " help with pasting
autocmd FileType * setlocal formatoptions-=c formatoptions-=r formatoptions-=o
configuration/vim.txt · Last modified: 2016/10/03 20:41 by sjorge